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Alstern Technologies Group is a specialized pipeline solutions provider founded in 2004. We focus on piping, pipeline integrity, maintenance and online modifications. We supply a comprehensive range of services and products which are used in piping inspection, intervention, isolation, repair, connection and testing work scopes.
We provide one-stop cost-effective pipeline solutions to our customers with the objective of optimizing their assets while minimizing operational downtime.
Headquartered in Singapore, we served the Asia Pacific region in the Marine & Offshore, Oil& Gas and Plants & Buildings sector with the branch offices in Hongkong and Indonesia.

Our business scope involved providing pipeline related products and services to customers in the Chemical & Petrochemical, Power generation, Pharmaceutical, Water utilities and Facilities Management Industries etc.,
Alstern Technologies continuously develops its broad spectrum of technical services, turning first-hand field experience and problem solving knowledge into offering customized services with state-of-the-art equipment. Technical personnel including engineers, project managers and technicians are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always ready to provide innovative customized solutions to your specific requirements.
Alstern Technologies in-house support staffs adopt a comprehensive approach to your specific project needs. It is our commitment to ensure that the pipeline service projects are completed safely and on time with the best-suited quality products, services and technical capabilities available.
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  • Alstern Technologies aims to be the best and most reliable solution provider for integrated pipeline products and services.
  • We pride ourselves in providing cost-effective solutions that bring added value to our customers.
  • Technological developments are constantly leading us to new insights using new techniques, design, energy and power.
  • We strive to constantly prepare and align ourselves with developments in technology so as to meet the ever changingchallenges awaiting us


  • Alstern Technologies aims to become a trusted solution provider in pipeline repair and maintenance, without compromisingthe safety of our employees.
    We aim to continuously develop and introduce the latest technology available for our customers, improve our quality ofworks and services, minimize operations downtime so as to achieve cost effectiveness.


  • To achieve quality of work with zero return job
  • To achieve towards zero customer complaint for every job done
  • To achieve towards 100% mobilization of operators and specialists within the customer schedule


  • Relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Providing total customer satisfaction
  • Encouraging our employees to realise their full potential
  • Building strong cohesion and teamwork
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Safety at Work



At Alstern Technologies, we view HSE as critical to our success and long-term sustainability and we are committed to continuously improve our performance.Our Corporate HSE Policy is overseen by the Health, Safety and Environmental Committee of the board of directors, which provides direction for the management of HSE and input on current and emerging health, safety and environmental issues.The Performance Improvement Initiative (PII) is a process for ensuring progress in the three critical areas of Health and Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence. Overall objectives are set annually at the corporate level and implemented regionally and locally throughout our operations and performance is reviewed regularly.