Valve Insertion

Alstern’s ATS Valve Insertion Service uses advanced technique to insert valve directly onto main pipeline at minimum manpower and
tight spaces without system interruption or shutdown. The result is a permanent valve installed on the pipe section.

Valve Insertion service is suitable for:
(a) Ideal for emergency work - Short onsite preparation and service time allow operation to resume quickly.
(b) Suitable for delicate pipes - Minimal cutting during servicing and lightweight valve prevent weakening of pipe integrity.


  • Pipe Material: Any material
  • Pipe Medium: Liquids, chemicals, petrochemicals
  • Pipe Diameter: 4" to 24"
  • Max. Operating Pressure: 250 psi
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 300 °C


We provide valve Insertion service with the following advantages :

  • Continual Operations - No system shutdowns or interruption to insert a valve
  • Lesser Man-Hour - High efficiency and productivity with lesser man-hours
  • Quick - Only require 8hrs for 24in valve insertion
  • Compact Design - Operate on limited and tight space
  • Unique - Advance valve insertion method


  1. Preparing the clamps for our valve insertion machine.
  2. Fixing valve insertion machine onto pipe
  3. Installing milling machine onto valve insertion machine
  4. Adjust valve insertion machine for milling angle
  5. Milling 120 degrees opening in pipe
  6. Install completion bonnet onto valve insertion machine
Valve Insertion Process